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Created out of a sketch and an idea. Meticulously designed and developed into a luxurious, functioning object of beauty. Sourcing the best materials and partners CHROME CALIBRE have realised a dream and brought it to life.


Redefining the Way 
We Care for Our Watches

Our Mission is to design watch winders that not only care for our customers watches but also offer an added layer of fun. We want to showcase the owners personality.

They are collectors. Owners of unique items that bring them joy and allow them to express their hopes and dreams.

We strive to bring a watch winder to life that is beautiful to look at as well as touch. A winder that deserves to be seen.

We have only just begun........

Retro Bot Watch Winder on Dark Background

Our Journey So Far



November 2021, the first idea and sketches formed to create what would become the RETRO-BOT. From basic pen and paper sketches to 3d renders the early models took shape and a selection of future models were visialised.

Early design of Retro Bot
Early Design of Retro-bot



The 1st prototype models were created from

foam board and then wood with added  LED and basic

Watch Winder electronics. Multiple trial and error 3d designs, renders and printed prototypes helped create a clear style and vision.

First models of Retro-Bot
Painted Model of Retro-Bot
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