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Whirlwind Trip to London

I was on the road at 4am to catch a flight to London for my first exhibition with the Retro-Bot. All my promotional material was shipped over earlier in the week and now I just was on my way with the Retro-Bot in a small suitcase.

I was ready to introduce Chrome Calibre, the Retro-Bot and myself to a group of watch fanatics. I was a nice mix of excited and nervous.

After an hour delay on the runway I finally arrived in London and quickly set everything up. I introduced myself to the other exhibitors around me and then waited for the doors to open.

A steady stream of people came through the doors and up the stairs to see what was on show. As they reached the top of the stairs they saw my stand and started to smile.

They were hooked with the display and excited to see something so unusual. I introduced each person to the Retro-Bot and went through the various features. At the end of my talk I asked them to hold the Robot. That's when they could feel the quality and the weight of it. There were people posting images and video to Instagram and YouTube as well as collectors, families and even some celebrities looking over the stand for the next 6 hours. The feedback was fantastic.

My promotional pens, stickers and torches were a big hit as well.

I met and had dinner with Paul Thorpe - an English YouTube personality and watch dealer. He covered the show for his YouTube channel.

On day 2 there was a small issue with the security system and we couldn't gain access to the building but after a bit of time we managed to get in and welcome the next group of guests.

This was a much shorter show for me as I had to pack up and go around 2;30 to catch my flight back. I said my goodbyes and left.

Overall my quick visit to London was a great success and I gained many new followers and people showing interest in the Retro-Bot. The only downside was that the presentation box the Retro-Bot comes in got damaged on the flight back. The Retro-Bot was not harmed thankfully.

Here are a couple of videos of the event

DeeTimeLove Show Interviewed me around the 13 minute mark below

Paul Thorpe managed to squeeze in beside some other guests while I was presenting the Retro-Bot. I'm there at the 5;11 minute mark

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