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  • How can I purchase the Retro-Bot
    We will be launching through Kickstarter towards the beginning of 2024. In the mean time we created a VIP offer for people who wish to avail of an additional pre launch discount for a nominal fee. Please check out the link below
  • What movement do you use in the Retro-Bot?
    We use the Master Box movement from our friends in SwissKubik. We believe this movement gives the user as much control as possible over the direction of movement as well as the quantity of rotations per day that match their watch. We also wanted to use a premium movement that had a successful track record in the watchwinder market.
  • How do you use the movement?
    The movement is controlled by a blue tooth app. Within the app the owner can allocate a name to their Retro-Bot. They can choose the direction of the movement - clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional. They can also choose the quantity of rotations per day that best suits their watch.
  • How do you change the battery?
    While the batteries are estimated to last at least 2 years without needing to change them, eventually the time will come when you need to switch them for a fresh set. To do this you will need to use the Allen key supplied. First make sure you rest the Retro-Bot safely face down in a secure position. Then use the Allen key to remove the 3 small bolts from the panel under the winding key. Once removed the batteries should spring up enough for you to take them out by hand. Make sure the new batteries are suitable as mentioned in the user manual and then replace them in the same orientation as the older ones you just removed. Once this has been done, place the panel back in place and screw the 3 bolts back in place.
  • What material is the Retro-Bot made from?
    The Retro-Bot is made from Aluminium. We decided to use this material for a number of reasons. We wanted the Retro-Bot to feel and look like a premium product. Our goal was to create a product that would last but also not be harmful to the planet. We were conscious that using aluminium would be a more sustainable material than plastic. Aluminium is also a light material so it benefits everyone when it comes to shipping weight as well.
  • How big is the Retro-Bot?
    The Retro-Bot stands at 343mm tall and is 165mm wide and 205mm deep
  • How much does the Retro-Bot weigh?
    The Retro-Bot weighs 2.224kg. This is roughly equivalent to a standard red building brick or a little bit heavier than a 2 litre bottle of water.
  • What colours are available?
    There are 5 colour combinations available. Tiffany Blue with Silver arms ,antenna and winding key Monaco Blue with Gold arms ,antenna and winding key Emerald Green with Gold arms ,antenna and winding key High Risk Red with Silver arms ,antenna and winding key Cyber Yellow with Black arms ,antenna and winding key
  • What do the switches on the chest plate do?
    The switches control the on/ off function of the movement and the lights. The switch on the left hand side turns the mechanism on when flipped to the up position and off when flipped down. The switch to the right controls the on/off function of the LED lights. These functions work independently of each other.
  • Does the winding key move?
    No the winding key doesn't move. As with the arms they are fixed in a static position and are for decoration purposes as opposed to functional.
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